A History of Insolvency Law

Early insolvency law was dominated by punitive approaches and it was not until the early eighteenth century that notions of rehabilitation gained force. Insolvency was seen as an offence little less criminal than a felony and was punishable by detention in person at the creditor’s pleasure in debtors prisons. The […]

Investing in Renovating and Selling homes

Balogun is  a banker approaching his 55th birthday. After a 30 year career as a banker, and seeing several people make their fortunes in real estate, he has decided to become a real estate investor. His plan is to invest in underpriced property, with the objective of renovating the buildings […]

How can you transfer your music copyrights?

Wale is a music producer. Recently he composed music for a hit track which enjoyed substantial airplay for over 6 months. Consequent upon the success of his track, he was approached by an international music corporation, who requested him to transfer his copyright in the music to the company in […]

Investing in Lagos Real Estate Companies: The Pros and Cons

Okeke trades in furniture and fittings at a major market in Onitsha. In addition to his business, he owns a substantial number of houses within Onitsha and environs.  One day whilst attending an exhibition in Lagos, he was approached by a young marketer for a real estate company; the marketer […]

More Real Estate Investment Strategies that will Make you Rich 2

Flipping Real Estate Outside Nigeria, flipping houses is one of the more popular tactics for making money in real estate, due largely to the numerous shows on cable TV that promote it.  House flipping is the practice of buying a piece of real estate at a discounted price, improving it […]

More Real Estate Strategies that will make you Rich

Continued from Yesterday’s post…. Now that we know the various types of real estate investments an investor can undertake, it is time to look at the different strategies an investor can use to unlock value from his real estate investment. While you can use any of the investment vehicles discussed […]

Real Estate Investment Strategies that will make you Rich

It is generally accepted that real estate is a key element of wealth creation. As a factor of production, real estate generates passive income for its owner in the way of rents, royalties (for property that contains mineral resources) and capital gains from sales of the property to another purchaser […]

Legal Issues you Need to Know When Launching a Startup this year

Opeyemi was a successful engineer with an oil and gas servicing company; his job paid well and provided him with many perks and benefits. He lived in Lekki Phase 1, drove a nice car  and traveled round regularly to any country he wished. In October 2016, Opeyemi came in to […]

Mergers: Dating Before Marriage

Before a merger of companies actually takes place, while negotiations are ongoing, the companies need to review their operational systems and corporate culture. This is because each corporate body has their peculiar system of operations, values, trade culture and work ethics. The concept of dating before marriage consists of further […]