What It Means to Be a 21st-Century Lawyer

Happy New week to you all, My weekend was really great.  During the weekend I came across this article about what it takes to be a 21st century Lawyer. I found this insightful and I just could not hold back but share it here with my awesome followers and colleagues in the profession.I hope you find it useful as I also found it useful. Have a good read and have a good week ahead.

Much has been written about disruption in the legal services space of late. The working thesis is that for hundreds of years lawyers have been able to apply the same business model to define their relationships with both clients and society at large. One view of the legal profession has always been that lawyers operate like both scholars and advocates. With written and spoken words as their tools, lawyers shape both case law and statutory law. By creating those laws, they help define “appropriate” forms of social conduct and enable the creation of business structures that define our commercial conduct. While people outside of the legal profession could advocate for causes and help shape the creation of laws that reflect the societal thinking of the time, lawyers are mostly left to create that content.

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