An Analysis of The Nigerian Real Estate Market


Buying real estate in Nigeria without an understanding of the real estate environment within the country may be likened to walking into a river without first checking how deep it is.

Marketers often portray the real estate market as a treasure bank where you put in some money and get a lot more in return; you often hear phrases like:

‘Property Appreciates’,

‘Get rich from real estate’,

‘Don’t wait to buy, Buy and Wait’,

Loads of pure nonsense, if you ask me

We have taken the liberty to bring you a few reports on the Nigerian real estate market. Click on the headings to get to the reports

  1. Bluehedge Realtors Analysis of the Nigerian Real Estate Market:

This report is issued by Bluehedge Realtors a professional firm of Estate Surveyors and Valuers. The report is a bit low on detailed content, but it gives a quick overview of the real estate market in Lagos state

2. MCO Realties Q3 2016 report

This report issued by MCO Realities gives a quasi detailed discussion of the state of the real estate market within Lagos state, with a bias towards properties locate within Lagos Island. This report is short and sweet, and contains enough information to help you hold your own in a conversation. Top marks MCO.

3. Northcourt Nigerian Real Estate Market Outlook 2016

This rather lengthy report issued by Northcourt Real Estate reads like an investment proposal. It deals with a wider scope of locations and delves into the fundamentals that affect the property market. Quite a good read, if you can get past all the filler material.

Milton & Cross provides Real Estate Investment Advisory services to large scale and small scale investors within and outside Lagos state. We have adviced clients on several successful and value added transactions within Nigeria.

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