How to Increase your Customer Base


We were privileged to have Mrs. Ijeoma Olujekun, Brand Manager at Evron Food Store, as a facilitator at our recently concluded MSME Roundtable. Ijeoma shared her experiences with building a customer base from scratch and gave us some serious tips with us on how to create and develop rich, fruitful and mutually beneficial long term relationships with individuals; helping us to convert these individuals into a customer base.

Here are some key points of her presentation:

  • Every business starts with zero customers
  • There is always a customer for your product, irrespective of the product.
  • Define your target customer (your #1 Customer) and tailor your marketing efforts to meet the needs of that customer
  • Meet your customers at the point of their need and through their preferred mode of communication
  • Do your customer research diligently
  • Create an enhanced user experience for your clients
  • Sell a lifestyle, not a product
  • Identify your value proposition early
  • Sometimes in the business journey, your value proposition may have to change in order to reach your client
  • Create Win-Win relationships with your customers
  • Nobody cares about your brand except you; make it your mission to transfer the vision of your business to the minds of your customers
  • Understand the customer Lifecycle
  • Sometimes you need to do something iconic to get noticed!
  • Value your customer data like you value your life
  • You need to be on every platform that enables you communicate and engage with your customer!
  • Do not be limited in the use of communication media, engage in multi-channel interactions and encourage your clients to do so as well
  • Always look out for ways in which you can increase your channels of interaction, look for every platform your customers are comfortable with
  • Twitter is a very powerful medium because it allows you to aggregate information using the simple hashtag
  • Customer service is the best form of marketing
  • Make use of free advertisements, endorsements and opportunities for building business connection.
  • Personalise each and every customer interaction
  • The more a brand is seen, the more a brand is bought

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