Read this, before you sign that Hire Purchase Contract!!

Oluwole is a printer. He runs a small scale printing operation from his office in Bariga which produces business cards, greeting cards, customised stationery, and numerous other printing material. Oluwole’s outfit serves on average, 300 customers and the quality of his products has led to an increase in the number […]

Your Business is an Asset- Treat it like One!

What are the differences between a Business, a Job, and an Asset? Business: A business is an integrated set of assets and activities capable of being managed to provide a return to its owners or  to create economic benefits,  such as revenues or lower costs for the owners. Assets: An […]

Workman’s compensation under Nigerian Law

The potential dangers of the workplace, especially in the construction, manufacturing, extractive industries and mining sectors has necessitated the provision of measures to ensure that an injured workman is adequately compensated for loss of employment and loss of income arising from workplace related injuries. Unfortunately, workers are often left to […]


    Tobacco-associated today with smoking of cigarettes, cigars and pipes, as well as snuff and chewing, has been attacked by social observers and medical authorities for the damage it has allegedly done, to the social and physical condition of man. On the one hand, proponents of the leaf stress […]

What Microsoft Gains from Buying LinkedIn

In one of the biggest technology deals, Microsoft Corp yesterday bought LinkedIn Corp for $26.2 billion (£18.4 billion). The $26.2 billion price tag works out to $196 per LinkedIn share (a big premium over its closing last Friday, $131.08). So what is Microsoft getting that makes it so willing to […]

Challenges of Trade Dispute Resolution in Nigeria

Section 17 (3)  of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides that the state shall direct its policy toward ensuring that all citizens have the opportunity for securing adequate means of livelihood as well as adequate opportunity to secure suitable employment. It also just and humane work […]


By : Nelson C.S Ogbuanya* Introduction: The official inauguration of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN)’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre Instrument & Rules 2015 on 18th December 2015 marks a significant milestone towards the discharge of the mandate of the Court, as the specialized federal superior court of […]